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Shotokai Karate-do Information

shotokai karate-doWelcome to the most complete site on Shotokai Karate-do and Japanese Martial Arts.
shotokai karate-doDojo Kun
shotokai karate-doShoto Niju Kun
shotokai karate-doWhat is Shotokai Karate-do? | Another Shotokai description | And another
shotokai karate-doRead the SKB News
shotokai karate-doShotokai Chile Keizu - Masters related to Shotokai Karate-do
shotokai karate-doShotokai's Virtual Tour - a fast tour describing our school
shotokai karate-doShotokai's History in Chile
shotokai karate-doShotokai Karate-do Goals
shotokai karate-doShotokai's Special Trainings
shotokai karate-doWhat is Gieko (Keiko)?
shotokai karate-doHow can you contact Shotokai Karate-do?
shotokai karate-doHow can I contact Humberto Heyden Sensei? E-mail:
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General Shotokai Karate-do Information

shotokai karate-doMASTER SHIGERU EGAMI GALLERY - History, philosophy, articles, photos, etc.
shotokai karate-doEgami Karate's Origin - article in three parts, written by Master Genshin Hironishi, president of Shotokai International

shotokai karate-doKenji Tokitsu sensei writes about Master Shigeru Egami

shotokai karate-doShotokai's Video
shotokai karate-doShotokai's animated GIFs
shotokai karate-doShotokai K. B. Photo Gallery - more than a hundred photos and drawings
shotokai karate-doShotokai Keizu (Shotokai Master Genealogy)
shotokai karate-doShotokai History - Shotokai Karate-do version
shotokai karate-doBrief Shotokai History (Part 1)
shotokai karate-doBrief Shotokai History (Part 2)

shotokai karate-doShotokan versus Shotokai, article written by Antonio García Martínez

shotokai karate-doShotokai Home Pages around the World
shotokai karate-doShotokai Worldwide Dojo List
shotokai karate-doShotokai Karateka E-mail List


Shotokai Karate do Technique

shotokai karate-doWhat is Shotokai's technique like?
shotokai karate-doShotokai K. B. Kata
shotokai karate-doTechnical Shotokai Karate-do descriptions (Shizentai, Tsuki, Kata, Uke , etc., etc.)
shotokai karate-doAnother way, the non-contraction way in Karate-do - A technical essay
shotokai karate-doShotokai Technique and the Shotokai WWW
shotokai karate-doShotokai's Video
shotokai karate-doShotokai's animated GIFs
shotokai karate-doAn Effective Tuski by Master Shigeru Egami
shotokai karate-doBreathing by Sensei Atsuo Hiruma
shotokai karate-doA day in the life of U. de C. Shotokai - A photo journal of a training session at the U. de Concepción
shotokai karate-doTraining photographs Karate-do and Aiki - Concepción University and Hombu Dojo Chile
shotokai karate-doExhibition at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile - photographs from the latest exhibition
shotokai karate-doShotokai K. B. Photo Gallery - hundreds of photos, drawings and more


Shotokai Karatedo Essays and Commentaries

shotokai karate-doSKB participates in Nihon Karate-do Shotokai event in Japan
shotokai karate-doCommemorating the 18th anniversary of Master Shigeru Egami's death
shotokai karate-doShotokai Technique and the Shotokai WWW
shotokai karate-doShotokai Karate-do Gasshuku 1998
shotokai karate-doHarada sensei's book / Master Yoshitaka Funakoshi and consecuences
shotokai karate-doMyths and misinformation related to Gichin Funakoshi Sensei
shotokai karate-doThe Parallels Between Shotokan Karate of America and Shotokai Karate-do
shotokai karate-doOne day the sun will rise - What do I understand by Karate? Essay by Claudio Fariña
shotokai karate-doA very special day - Comments on the Special trainings by Claudio Fariña
shotokai karate-doThe Will to continue - student account on Shotokai and training
shotokai karate-doMemories of a Shotokai Karate-do Special Training
shotokai karate-doKarate-do as an analogy of life - Student comments on views with respect to Karate-do
shotokai karate-doReuniting Shotokai
shotokai karate-doThe Art of Karate-do, a thing of the past? What does public believe Karate-do is?
shotokai karate-doLosing your Shotokai identity - Comments on the so-called 'dan inflation syndrome'
shotokai karate-doIsn't Karate for fighting?
shotokai karate-doDoes Karate-do make people aggressive?
shotokai karate-doIs there any difference between Shotokai and Shotokan?
shotokai karate-doWhat is Shotokai and its meaning?
shotokai karate-doThe Shotokai Hombu Dojo, the Shotokan
shotokai karate-doO-sensei's Tiger symbol
shotokai karate-doShotokai Encyclopedia Objectives
shotokai karate-doPlagiarism of Shotokai Material on the Web - even the Web is a crooked place
shotokai karate-doMaking a Shotokai Mural
shotokai karate-doShotokai Encyclopedia is now more than 4 years old



shotokai karate-doBudo and Sport, Master Genshin Hironishi Interviewed
shotokai karate-doWhat is the origin of Shotokai?, Master Tetsuji Murakami Interviewed
shotokai karate-doMaster Kyooka, Opinions on Karate-do and Sports Karate.
shotokai karate-doWhat is Budo?, by Master Taisen Deshimaru.
shotokai karate-doKarate-do, hit and avoid being hit? by Humberto Heyden sensei.
shotokai karate-doSeven principles, by Master Taisen Deshimaru.
shotokai karate-doThe Art of River Rowing, Humberto Heyden Sensei comments on differences between sport & Do.
shotokai karate-doMartial Arts as Sports?, interview; Master Taisen Deshimaru.
shotokai karate-doWho will give his life for the Do?, Humberto Heyden Sensei comments on culture and Karate-do.



shotokai karate-doShotokai's Frequently Asked Questions [last update July 21, 2000].
Contains answers to the following questions (among others):

shotokai karate-doFAQ text version, zipped
shotokai karate-doFAQ text version



shotokai karate-doMaster Sokon 'Bushi' Matsumura
shotokai karate-doMaster Yasutsune Azato
shotokai karate-doMaster Yasutsune Itosu
shotokai karate-doMaster Gichin Funakoshi, short
shotokai karate-doMaster Gichin Funakoshi, Richard Kim.
shotokai karate-doMaster Takeshi Shimoda, O-sensei's most talented student
shotokai karate-doMaster Yoshitaka Funakoshi, Karate-do genius.
shotokai karate-doMaster Shigeru Egami
shotokai karate-doMaster Genshin Hironishi, the last Master from the Golden Age of Karate-do.
shotokai karate-doMitsusuke Harada Sensei Biography
shotokai karate-doTetsuji Murakami Sensei Biography (now in english)
shotokai karate-doBiography of Masters related to our School.



shotokai karate-doBy Master Gichin Funakoshi:

shotokai karate-doBy Master Shigeru Egami:

shotokai karate-doPrologue, Karate-do Nyumon, Master Genshin Hironishi
shotokai karate-doWhat is Budo?
shotokai karate-doLegends of Karate and the Martial Arts
shotokai karate-doSeven Principles, by Taisen Deshimaru
shotokai karate-doUnmoving Wisdom, Master Taisen Deshimaru
shotokai karate-doMemorable Quotes by different Martial Artists and Masters



shotokai karate-doWhat is Karate?, short description
shotokai karate-doIs Karate-do Okinawan or Japanese?
shotokai karate-doA Dojo's spatial disposition
shotokai karate-doGenealogy of Karate Masters, gif, 10k.

shotokai karate-doWhat is Karate? by H.D. Plée
shotokai karate-doAdvice for Karatekas, by Henri Plée
shotokai karate-doLegends of Karate and the Martial Arts
shotokai karate-doMap of Chile
shotokai karate-doMaps of Japan: Geographic | With it's provinces
shotokai karate-doMap of Okinawa



shotokai karate-doWhat is Budo?
shotokai karate-doThe Budo Kensho, respectfully reproduced from the Budo Charter
shotokai karate-doWhat is Bushido?
shotokai karate-doSeven Principles, by Taisen Deshimaru
shotokai karate-doPhilosophical foundations of the Martial Arts

shotokai karate-doA talk with Zen Master Taisen Deshimaru:

shotokai karate-doMartial Arts as spiritual and pyschological training, excerpt of book by Peter Payne.
shotokai karate-doIntroduction The Zen Way to the Martial Arts, George Leonard
shotokai karate-doWhat is Peace, legend by Arun Gandhi
shotokai karate-doSearching for the bull, Zen story
shotokai karate-doPreface, The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra
shotokai karate-doUnmoving Wisdom, Master Taisen Deshimaru
shotokai karate-doMemorable Quotes by different Martial Artists and Masters



shotokai karate-doINTERVIEWS & ARTICLES:

shotokai karate-doSakamoto Ryoma, the indispensable "Nobody" by Romulus Hillsborough
shotokai karate-doComparing Karate and Aikido, Tom Muzila
shotokai karate-doKatsu Kaishu, article by Romulus Hillsborough
shotokai karate-doYoshida Shoin, (Japan, 1850's-1870's)
shotokai karate-doWeapons of Karate



shotokai karate-doShotokai Home Pages around the World
shotokai karate-doLinks Index
shotokai karate-doGeneral links, a bit messy



shotokai karate-doShotokai Encyclopedia's Statistics, SKB's first statistical year, interesting data
shotokai karate-doCountries that visit the Encyclopedia
shotokai site stats August 1999 - April 2000


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