Master Shigeru Egami

Comments on Kata

Observing how Kata are practised today, viewed as a whole, all movements, from the initial hachiji-dachi until the end must be elastic and continuous, the sequence must be beautiful and rhythmical and the performer must irradiate vitality and strength. Body and spirit must be one entity and the strength must be concentrated. Breathing must be continuous without retentions. In the ancient practice, there used to be pauses between each movement; now movements follow each other rhythmically, without pause, in a fluid and flexible way.

Appearances may deceive, even though movements may look weak, they truly are not so. When the body and the movements were rigid and the strength was in a very dissipated form, techniques looked strong. Nowadays it is only the performer who feels that his blows are effective.

The satisfaction is only his own.

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