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The following list includes the japanese pronunciation of the different kata in the Shotokai Programme, the Okinawan names are included between brackets. The translations correspond only to the japanese names.


Ten no Kata: Kata of the Universe

Taikyoku (Kihon): First cause. (I-III) (kata video)

Heian (Pinan): The Way of Peace
shodan (kata video)
nidan (kata video)
sandan (kata video)
yondan (kata video)
godan (kata video)

Tekki (Naihanchi): Iron horse, Horse riding ( shodan nidan sandan)

Bassai dai and sho: Penetrate a Fortress. (kata video)

Kanku dai and sho (Kushanku): Watching the Sky. (kata video)

Hangetsu (Seisan): Half moon. (kata video)

Gankaku (Chinto): Heron on a Rock. (kata video)

Empi (Wansu): Flying Swallow. (kata video)

Jion: Named as a Temple of the same name. (kata video)

Jutte: Ten hands. (kata video)

[Dai: Major; Sho: Minor version]


Nijushiho: 24 techniques/steps.

Ji'in: Named as a Saint of the same name.

Meikyo (Rohai): Mirror of the soul/Clean mirror/ Cleaning a mirror.

Sochin: Old man fighting/ preserve the peace.

Chinte: Incredible Hands.

Wankan (Okan): King's Crown.

Unsu: Separating the Clouds.

Gojushiho: 54 techniques/steps.

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