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Resource on Shotokai, Budo and Karate in general, an extensive and in-depth bilingual source on traditional Japanese Martial Arts. Information includes texts and photos on Shotokai, Budo and definitions, history and general information including other main Japanese Budo arts.
Many megabytes in pictures and images and hundreds of text pages, detailed references to philosophy which are the foundations of martial practice, including, important Master interviews, video references, kata, techniques and moves, school belt levels, bibliography, some essays, articles and original Master texts, the history of the Shotokan Dojo, Budo Masters Gichin Funakoshi, Gigo (Yoshitaka) Funakoshi, Shigeru Egami and much much more.



  • Kata Videos, a series of the basic kata videos by Tomoji Miyamoto y presence of Egami at the Shotokan Dojo, Shotokai's Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.


Shotokai Information

*Welcome to a site centered on traditional Budo.
*Dojo Kun - a classic series of rules for dojo training.
*Shoto Niju Kun - Twenty rules or guidelines for your training by Gichin Funakoshi.


General Shotokai Information

*SHIGERU EGAMI GALLERY - History, philosophy, articles, photos, etc.
*Egami Karate's Origin - article in three parts, written by Genshin Hironishi, the late president of NKS.

*Kenji Tokitsu writes about Shigeru Egami

*Animated photos
*Photo & Image Gallery
*Shotokai History
*Brief Shotokai History (Part 1)
*Brief Shotokai History (Part 2)

*Shotokan versus Shotokai, article written by Antonio García Martínez

*Shotokai Home Pages around the World - find related organizations and groups close to you.
*Worldwide Dojo List



*Shotokai Kata
*Technical descriptions (Shizentai, Tsuki, Kata, Uke , etc., etc.)
*Another way, the non-contraction way in Karate-do
*Karate Videos
*Animated karate images
*An Effective Tuski by Shigeru Egami
*Breathing by Atsuo Hiruma - important information for your martial arts training.
*Photo Gallery - hundreds of photos, drawings and more.


Essays and Commentaries

*SKB participates in NKS event in Japan
*Commemorating the 18th anniversary of Shigeru Egami's death
*Technique and the Shotokai WWW
*Gasshuku 1998
*Harada's book / Yoshitaka Funakoshi and consecuences
*Myths and misinformation related to Gichin Funakoshi
*Parallels Between Shotokan Karate of America and Shotokai
*The Will to continue - martial arts student account on training.
*Memories of a Special Training
*Karate-do as an analogy of life
*Reuniting Shotokai
*The Art of Karate-do, a thing of the past? What does the public believe we are doing?
*Losing your identity - Comments on the so-called 'dan inflation syndrome' in the martial arts.
*Isn't Karate for fighting?
*Does Karate-do make people aggressive?
*Is there any difference between Shotokai and Shotokan?
*What is Shotokai and its meaning?
*The Shotokai Hombu Dojo, the Shotokan
*O-sensei's Tiger symbol
*Shotokai Encyclopedia Objectives
*Plagiarism of Shotokai Material on the Web - even the Web is a crooked place.
*Shotokai Encyclopedia is now more than 4 years old


Karate: Budo or Sport?

*Budo and Sport, Genshin Hironishi Interview
*What is the origin of Shotokai?, Tetsuji Murakami Interview
*Master Kyooka, Opinions on Karate and Sports.
*What is Budo?, by Taisen Deshimaru.
*Seven principles, by Taisen Deshimaru.
*Martial Arts as Sports?, interview; Taisen Deshimaru.



*Karate Frequently Asked Questions [last update July 21, 2000].
Contains answers to the following questions (among others):

*FAQ text version, zipped
*FAQ text version


Master Biographies

*Sokon 'Bushi' Matsumura
*Yasutsune Azato
*Yasutsune Itosu
*Gichin Funakoshi, short - Gichin Funakoshi, Richard Kim.
*Takeshi Shimoda, O-sensei's most talented student
*Yoshitaka Funakoshi, Karate-do genius.
*Shigeru Egami
*Genshin Hironishi, the last Master from the Golden Age.
shotokai *Ayahito Sugimoto
*Mitsusuke Harada
*Tetsuji Murakami


Classic texts

*By Master Gichin Funakoshi:

*By Master Shigeru Egami:

*Prologue, Karate-do Nyumon, Master Genshin Hironishi
*What is Budo?
*Legends of the Martial Arts
*Seven Principles, by Taisen Deshimaru
*Unmoving Wisdom, Master Taisen Deshimaru
*Memorable Quotes by different Masters


General Karate Do Information

*What is Karate?, short description
*A Martial Arts Dojo spatial disposition
*Genealogy of Karate Masters, gif, 10k.

*What is Karate? by H.D. Plée
*Advice for Karateka & Martial Artist, by Henri Plée
*Legends of the Martial Arts
*Is Karate-do Okinawan or Japanese?
*Maps of Japan: Geographic | With it's provinces
*Map of Okinawa


General Philosophical Information

*What is Budo?
*The Budo Kensho, respectfully reproduced from the Budo Charter
*What is Bushido?
*Seven Principles, by Taisen Deshimaru
*Philosophical foundations of the Martial Arts

*A talk with Zen Master Taisen Deshimaru:

*Martial Arts as spiritual and pyschological training, excerpt of book by Peter Payne.
*IntroductionThe Zen Way to the Martial Arts, George Leonard
*What is Peace, legend by Arun Gandhi
*Searching for the bull, Zen story
*Preface of the Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra draws parallels between modern physics and Oriental philosophies.
*Unmoving Wisdom, Master Taisen Deshimaru, a well known and respected Zen Master.
*Memorable Quotes by different Masters and Teachers.


Interviews, Articles and Historical Information

*Interviews and Articles:

*Sakamoto Ryoma, the indispensable "Nobody" by Romulus Hillsborough
*Comparing Karate and Aikido, Tom Muzila
*Katsu Kaishu, article by Romulus Hillsborough
*Yoshida Shoin, (Japan, 1850's-1870's)
*Weapons of Karate


Interesting links

*Shotokai Home Pages around the World
*Martial Arts Links
*General links, a bit messy

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